Services / Readings

Come in, please, and have a virtual seat.

My readings are conducted online through email or social media platforms such as Facebook, instagram, discord, and more.  I ask that you come with a clear question, but I am happy to help you to formulate one.

We ask the cards, but the real work is in the questions the cards ask us. My reading style is one which aims to guide you on your own path forward by considering the conditions and options you’re working with in the present and identifying your role in the outcome. It’s deeply introspective and may require some hard truths and self-honesty. I am most definitely not here to predict when your lover will return.

Although I prefer fluid readings (with us both available) which provide the conversational flow that really helps to inform the reading, I can also just send you a write-up, complete with photos of the spread, and we can go from there.

As an introvert, I tend to spend a bit of time with spreads and writing them up (I’m a slow poke in everything I do – you should see me working on an oil painting!), so I charge by the size of the spread and not the time spent.



A 3- to 5-card reading is $25 
These spreads are more appropriate for less complicated or more direct questions.




A 9- or 10-card spread is $45
These spreads are intended for more involved or multifaceted questions, as they include aspects of the process of reconciling or forward movement.

This includes my 9-card Shadows of the New Moon spread, which is designed to plot growth through the lunar cycle by identifying your blocks.



A year-long series of New Moon Soul Working is $550
This involves a 9-card spread each new moon which examines and plots your personal progress as you pursue your soul’s path through the year (13 new moons).  Each month will play off of and build upon the previous one and will push you to set goals and work through your shadows to achieve them.


Just click on the Book a Reading page to book. If you’re not sure which spread is most appropriate, feel free to ask!  My email is in the right margin (or below, if on mobile). I look forward to working together.
Thanks so much