Fishing around in the basement of my childhood home, I discovered a deck of cards that I had never seen before.  I clasped them to my chest and darted up to my bedroom, eager to spread them around and see what they had to offer.

Forty-some-odd years and about 30 decks later, I continued to find myself fascinated with the revelations that the cards offer.  Not only the mirror it holds up to the psyche, flashing its reflection onto the walls and around the room, but in the layers of meaning portrayed on the cards by the work of such varied and insightful artists.  My relationship with tarot has ebbed and flowed as the tides; receding at times, yet guaranteed to return and always with an evolution in understanding.

There is much I have learned in years of introspective study, but first and foremost is that the cards can guide us to a better understanding of our inner workings and motivations if we can sit with them, receptive to the messages that they have for us, considering some tough questions, and in reflection to consider and thus direct the path of our growth.  Gone are my days of seeing what the future holds as if at its mercy; the true gold in the cards is in allowing them to reveal our darkest parts and resistance as well as the options in the soul’s path forward. The future isn’t told to us; we choose it and move into it.

I am not a ‘love & light’ type of reader, and I don’t predict the future. I like darker decks and I have a deep respect for the shadows in our psyche and the desire to poke them to allow transformative growth; but this takes some work on the part of the querent which can feel very confronting at times.   I am not a therapist and have no formal training in counseling, and no desire to present as such.  This is simply a laying of cards which is intended to mirror circumstances and situations in a way which allows you to direct your path from a place of recognition and empowerment.

If this type of reading resonates with you, I would be honored to read for you.
~ Nancy