3 of Pentacles

collaborate in shared goals

Three is expansion out from the two + Pentacles represent navigating the physical world.

from the Deck of the Bastard

In its centered or balanced position, the Three of Pentacles shows us in collaboration or cooperation with others in bringing something to form. We may each have our own calling, but working together with shared goals may create the best outcome for all. In the Smith-Waite depiction (shown in the Deck of the Bastard, left), an architect creates the vision, an artist is bringing it to form, and the monk represents integrity and ethics (the three symbolizing mind, body, and soul, respectively).

The Salvador Dali Tarot urges “Do not only ask what [task] you want. Ask what God and the world want from you.” This card is about our own personal calling, and working together with others enacting their personal calling to create.

In resistance, we operate independently or at cross-purposes, failing to see the benefit of shared goals and talents. If supervised, we resent it. Talent is wasted.

In excess, we may be feeling a bit burned out. Consider what makes you happy; what gives you a greater sense of purpose?

Questions to think about when this card comes up may include

  • What are you currently working on? Does it give you a sense of purpose?
  • Do your parts work well within their system? What gifts does each offer to the whole?
  • Do you see the talents that others have to offer as gifts or do you resent them as interference?
  • Are you able to weave your own body/mind/spirit into balance? Where is there lack? Where does one take over?

What else? There’s plenty more to consider in this card, isn’t there? You may have other insights on this card. How has it come up for you? Feel free to share in comments.

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