8 of Wands

trust that things are moving swiftly, now

Eight opens up from seven’s stationary hold with new perspective from which to launch or realign + Wands represent our inner fire – energy, passion, and identity

from Paracelsus Dreams Tarot

And so, in its centered and balanced aspect, Eight of Wands reveals a new direction for forward movement, perhaps after a delay or blockage. There can be a sense of excitement with this card. Like an arrow in the air or an express delivery, something is released and it’s moving fast. I think sometimes of blocked Qi in the body– if you’ve ever felt that energy being released by a needle, it’s a powerful feeling and a literal example of the release of energy.

With eights, we may go in one way and come out another, we may not know where it’s going or where it will land, there may be a change of direction; but this card indicates that things are moving and coming into alignment. Allow it to take its course.

In resistance, we remain stuck in delay or neglect. There is a sense of stagnation, rigidity, or being blocked. What prevents us from releasing the arrow?  Perhaps we’re running out of steam.

In excess, we may be overstimulated and ungrounded. When things are going in too many directions, it can feel dizzying and out of alignment. Sometimes, overstimulation can result in meaningless activity. Are we rushing into something? Haste makes waste.

Questions to consider when this card comes up may include

  • Do you feel blocked? When did it start? What part is served by that?
  • What area of life feels sluggish? How can you help it to flow more freely?
  • Are you rushing into something? Why? What consequences could that present?
  • Do you feel overstimulated? Is there a specific area you can harness that energy in or redirect it?
  • Where is your energy focused?

What else? This card can go in different directions, and you may have other insights! How has it come up for you?

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