Knight of Swords: The Defender / Warrior

defend your beliefs

Knights take action + Swords deal in the mental realm of our beliefs and communicating them

from Paracelsus Dreams Tarot

Where the Page was more stationary and curious, the Knight charges in defiantly. They appear the most valiant of the courts, if not the most self-righteous and even contentious, unafraid to be the aggressor when that is what’s called for. Internally, they may be the firefighters defending our wounded parts, acting out in ways that may surprise us in an effort to protect our hurt parts. They are courageous, competitive, impersonal, and fierce when needed, as they may utilize their element with arguments, harsh words, and disparaging remarks when provoked. In contrast to the Cups, they can be insensitive, more apt to consider how others can affect their pursuits than how their pursuits affect others. Fluent conversationalists, their quick wit enjoys verbal sparring. This is the person you want representing you in a court of law — think legal arguments (in fact, the ENTP most closely fits this court and is often referred to as the “lawyer type”). This can also be the activist speaking out for what is just. Though often seen as a card of conflict, we rely on these qualities when we need to confront someone or a system in great need of reform. Sometimes, we need to become a force to be reckoned with.

In resistance, there can be a sense of haste with this card, impatiently acting without engaging the brain; they act without thinking or checking the facts, perhaps not choosing their battles wisely and later regretting their actions.

In excess, they are arrogant and combative. Do not question their valor, and do not challenge their opinions. This is the quintessential bully cop, acting rashly and defending corruption. Studies conducted by Dr. Arthur Rosengarten have shown spousal abuse most frequently among ENTPs.

Questions we may be prompted to ask when this card appears include

  • Are you rushing into action without thinking?
  • Can you back up your beliefs with a well-considered argument?
  • Where have you felt violated? Do you feel a sense of injustice that must be acted on?
  • Do you always have to be right?
  • Are you considering how your words and actions affect others?
  • Is there a cause you want to stand up for? Why haven’t you?

What else? Courts are complex, with many facets. Who is this Knight in your life? What internal parts protect your wounded parts?

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