Tarot as the Calm in the Storm


We humans are complex beings.  Our brains are constantly rationalizing what is in our hearts, and our hearts are busy feeling what’s in our heads.  Headline news screams unrest here in the U.S. (and has been poking our core value systems for at least the past 5 years).  Social media is constantly buzzing with new perspectives, new stories, new vitriol. Put us in a year of chaos and change, and we may just need an escape hatch.  Some strive to close ourselves off like The Hermit, others are feeling so stressed by pandemic isolation that they crave connection and activity.  Either way, it’s not going away any time soon.

As we navigate this terrain, it’s important to find our center of gravity.  What keeps us sane?  What reminds us to breathe?  Where can we close the door on the agitating and dysfunctional chatter and connect with Self?  Where can we open the door to connect with something larger?  The task for each of us is to find that peace.  For me, it became tarot.

My watery nature is comfortable imagining possibilities, and my brain is busy rationalizing them.  I’m a dreamy idealist that loves systems-based methods.  It’s no wonder that when I needed to hit the “eject” button on pandemic and political news for a while, I turned to a practice I had long held dear but had allowed to drift into my periphery.  Reconnecting with the cards allowed me to find that still, quiet space by allowing the parts of my internal system a voice on a come-as-you-will basis, while also opening up channels to higher consciousness.   It’s empowering when they co-exist.

Our fears, our anger, our frustration can stem from any number of sources.  Being able to sit in quiet connection with the cards helps to assuage our fears and feel a sense of control in a climate of uncertainty.  Whether we use it to dissect current events and gain a better understanding of their place in our histories or as a detour to escape the toxicity for a moment, it allows a respite to come back to center, and to operate from a sense of knowing calm.

Tarot offers us a place to check in. It’s nice to have a place to come home to.

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