3 of Wands

envision and assimilate in order to expand

Three is the response to the two and its integration (expansion) + Wands relate to our energy and where we put it.

from the Spiral Tarot

In the upright or centered position on the card’s spectrum, the Three of Wands sees the return of the two’s exploration and we’re assimilating and considering what’s next in expanding our horizons. If the two was sending our ships out, three shows them coming in, and we are seeing the return on the groundwork we’ve laid; but things are still in process or evolving (three strives for form), so follow-through is key as we’re building, expanding, managing the next cycle of the journey and the opportunities that allow us to expand. What is our vision, and how can we keep growing toward it?  The key here is to review and integrate what we’ve already put into play before adding anything else or proceeding.

We may also see an aspect of the return here combined with the synthesis of three as ancestral lands, the expat, and looking back in order to understand the present course (or future) as genealogical research.  What factors came together to create the fire in your belly, and what wisdom or direction does that offer you?

When the three’s Fire is deficient, we’re bored with it already or we lack vision. Fear of the unknown can stifle our desire for expansion.

In excess, we’re overreaching, seeking or seizing opportunities which are beyond our capabilities.  Allow the current track to assimilate before seeking more.  Are we afraid of missing out on something?

Questions to ask when this card comes up may include

  • what obstacles prevent you from realizing your vision?
  • Is follow-through a challenge for you?

What else? You may have other insights. How do you see this card? How has it come up for you? Feel free to share in comments.

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