3 of Cups

Seek out your community

Three is expansion from the two + Cups point to our emotional experiences and relating to others.

from the Art History Tarot of Past Lives

And so, in its centered or balanced position on the spectrum, the Three of Cups expands or evolves outward from the two in emotional generosity. This is the weaving together of a community in which we feel accepted and supported. We see that one person cannot be our sole mirror and that each relationship brings out other facets and builds webs. This card also carries a tone of celebration — it may be small, it may be temporary, but we’re invited to be present in community where we are valued.

As we consider the Cups as symbolizing emotions, we can also apply the expansive nature of three (the reaction or response to the two in synthesis or releasing the tension inherent in two) as an emotional breakthrough of some sort, supporting the healing of personal wounds.

Where water is deficient, we don’t feel included or supported, or we may choose to remain solitary.

In excess, we may be drowning our emotional wounds in excess socializing or partying, or we have an over dependence on group acceptance.

Questions we think about when this card comes up may include

  • To whom can you turn for support?
  • Do you care what others think? What part of you requires that?
  • Do you avoid the company of others? Is that a function of introversion, or is there a part that fears some sort of wounding?
  • Are you afraid of standing out, preferring Instead the safety of being surrounded by your tribe?

What else? There are other facets to this card and your insights may differ. Feel free to share!

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