4 of Wands

take a break from the activity

Fours offer stability + Wands represent energy and identity.

from the Proletariat Tarot

In its centered or balanced position is the result of will / drive. This is the quintessential thanksgiving; the harvest is in and we can celebrate our bounty. We may have attained some milestone or inner growth and are invited to relax and step away from our work to enjoy a break. Kick up your heels!

When the four’s Fire is deficient, we don’t want to make a big deal of our accomplishments or have trouble expressing gratitude. Perhaps we feel undeserving of the harvest, or don’t feel like we can take a break right now.

At the other end of the spectrum, we may be complacent, taking the fruits of our labor for granted.

Questions we may be prompted to ask when this card appears include

  • What prevents you from taking a moment to just have fun?
  • Are you taking the rewards for your labor for granted? Is it time to get back to your work?

What else? This is just one angle on it and you may have other insights. How has it come up for you? Feel free to share in comments.

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