4 of Swords

retreat, take time to think

Fours offer stability + Swords represent our mind and its thoughts.

from Murder of Crows Tarot

In its centered position on the spectrum, the Four of Swords brings the opportunity to take a time-out to reflect on or reconcile an issue (see the Three of Swords). The stained glass may hint at a spiritual element, suggesting a time to call on our guides. Pamela Coleman-Smith’s depiction shows the medieval practice whereof knights would sometimes commission their tombs and lie on them before (or after) battle to pray (or reflect). A repose to quiet the mind or recuperate, mentally. Sometimes, we need radio silence for a proper mental reset.

In resistance, we’re not taking the time needed to clear our mind and de-stress. Unable to relax.

In excess, we’re fixed in a state of stagnation, perhaps an escape from responsibilities. This card may also indicate a forced rest.

Questions to consider when this card comes up may include

  • Do you need a mental health day? Do you deny yourself of this need out of guilt?
  • Is there something you’re trying to escape from, mentally?
  • What resources do you have in place for times of stress?

What else can we consider in this card? There is much to contemplate (see what I did, there?) and you may have other insights. Feel free to share them in comments.

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