4 of Pentacles

protect your self / resources

Four brings stability + Pentacles represents material resources and navigating the physical plane.

from the Medieval Scapini Tarot

And so, in its centered or balanced position on the card’s spectrum, we consider what boundaries need to be secured. This could be around finances, solitude, space, habits, or a way of life, but may simply be linked to body, to retain a sense of autonomy or self. It may emerge from a place of scarcity, but protecting your body or other resources is an act of self-care. Self-denial can be an act of responsibility or of dysfunction; but sometimes it serves us well to hold back in order to maintain four’s stability.

In resistance, we lack boundaries to the point of oversharing our selves, our space, our time, our money.

In excess, we fear not having enough of a particular resource and rely on material security or wealth with an emphasis on gain over all else (stifling spiritual growth); building walls to keep others out; avarice, hoarding. “All you are unable to give possesses you.” ~Andre Gide

There is a sense at this end of the spectrum of being immovable. There is no feeling, no spontaneity, only rigidity.

Questions to consider when this card appears may include

  • Where do you feel vulnerable? Do you compensate by being overprotective?
  • Are you an overgiver? What drives this?
  • What do you resist giving up?

What else? Feel free to share your own insights or experiences with this card in the comments.

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