6 of Wands

take pride in victory

Six expands from five’s contraction + Wands represent our fire and identity.

from the Tarot Universal Dali

And so in the centered placement of the Six of Wands, we see both sides of victory. In reaching a goal and receiving acclaim, there are those who have supported you or are looking up to you, inspired. Inherent in all of the sixes is a power dynamic, and it’s important to remember that your current place on top is temporary, so take pride in this glory while you have it and practice non-attachment around being higher or lower than others.

In resistance, we experience self-doubt or imposter syndrome. We may fear jealousy in those around us.

In excess, we must guard against grandiosity (no one likes a show-off!), or taking all of the credit rather than acknowledging those who helped. Hubris.

Questions we may want to consider when this card comes up can include

  • Are you quick to support others but fail to acknowledge your own accomplishments? Can you name achievements you’re proud of?
  • Do you compare yourself to others?
  • Do you hold back from sharing your own work out of fear of being an imposter?

what else? This barely scratches the surface of meaning behind this card, and you may have more insight. How has this card come up for you? Feel free to share.

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