6 of Swords

communicate your needs

Six offers expansion in a new cycle out of the contraction of 5 + Swords deal with the mind

from the Proletariat Tarot

And so the centered aspect of the Six of Swords shows clarity steering us to a turning point; recovery. It’s a hopeful card; though it indicates difficulty that we must transition away from, its theme is solving problems. Note that in this six’s dynamic of give & take, the figures seated in the Smith-Waite card are being aided by the boatman doing the paddling. The lesson in this card is that our move out of the challenge of five may be made easier by asking for help. (It differs from the Five of Pentacles in that this is a mental card, dealing with beliefs. The Swords in the boat convey the idea that they are carrying old thought patterns with them.) Allow others to be compassionate toward us when we can’t do that for ourselves. Conversely, offer your own wisdom to those who can’t do that for themselves. With which side of this card do you identify?

In resistance, we’re not willing to seek help or to make that journey. What beliefs hold you back? What thought patterns are you perpetuating?

In excess, we may be facing a long journey if our method of solving problems is to run away from them, or to always try to go it alone. It’s amazing what help may become available if you communicate your needs.

Questions we may be prompted to ask when this card appears can include

  • What problem are you currently trying to navigate away from and could use some clarity or direction?
  • Do you resist help, even when offered? Why?
  • What support systems may be available to you?
  • Do you have a pattern of turning away from your problems?

What else? How has this card come up for you? You may have more insight on it — feel feee to share.

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