6 of Pentacles

share the wealth

Six shows the give & take or the ebb & flow of cycles + Pentacles represent navigating the material world

from Rackham Tarot

And so in the centered aspect of the Six of Pentacles, we have come up out of the struggle of the Five and are now in a position to share the [proverbial] wealth with others. We may question why some must lose while others gain, and what our place is in this system; we may see redistribution of wealth or resources within a framework of equality between all people. Ideally, it’s an exchange of giving and receiving where everyone benefits. Keep in mind that as Pentacles deals with our souls navigating the material world, we may also consider our soul’s path or spiritual journey throughout this suit, and the card pictured at left illustrates the concept of receiving from the act of giving.

In resistance, we lack the spiritual awareness that facilitates generosity. Are we afraid of losing what we have? If identifying with the receiver, we may feel degraded by being dependent on others.

In excess, we keep others dependent on us. What parts of us feel the need of a dominant/submissive relationship with others?

Questions we may be prompted to ask when this card comes up could include

  • Are you dependent upon someone or something? How does that make you feel?
  • Do you feel that life has treated you unfairly? How so?
  • Have you compromised yourself in some way? Are you indebted to another?
  • How are you sharing your gifts? Is there something you can offer which may benefit someone else? Are you holding back on that offering?

What else? This is merely my take on it and you may have other insights! How has this card come up for you? Feel free to share your own thoughts.

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