7 of Wands

stand firm against adversaries

Seven is a place of internal work around an external situation; we aren’t in motion but are in the midst of activity around us + Wands represent the fiery realm of will and how we use our energy, but also identity

from Deck of the Dead by Tarot by Seven

And so the centered aspect of the Seven of Wands indicates holding our own against adversaries. In the Six of Wands we were victorious, and must now defend our spot. Sometimes, we just need to stick up for ourselves (no pun intended). Your aspirations (or those of others) are worth fighting for, and inherent in this card is the deep inner strength which allows you to remain calm amidst the chaos.

With Wands as creativity and passions, are the staves shown representative of encroaching projects or distractions that throw you off course of your focus? What are you devoting your energy to?  Resisting advances as we stand firm on our hill can help or hinder.

In resistance, we see resignation, timidity. We may feel overpowered.  Do the encroaching wands represent doubts?  Criticism?  The enemy may be ourselves as we stand in defiant opposition to our inner voices.

In excess, we must ask if we’re being overly defensive when openness is called for. Is it time to let our guard down? Is there room on the hill for others?

Questions we may be prompted to ask when this card comes up include

  • Is there something you’re resisting?
  • Do you feel you’re being backed into a corner?
  • Do you need to be more assertive in the matter?
  • Are you being hyper vigilant?  Are there wounded parts to be tended around that?
  • Do you tend to get overdefensive? What prompts that? What protective parts are involved?
  • Is something draining your energy?

What else? This card can indicate various areas of our inner fire, and this only touches the surface. You may have other insights. How has this card come up for you? Feel free to share.

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