9 of Wands

rest where you can in order to persevere

Nine nears the end of the cycle and we pause for a moment to steady ourselves for culmination + Wands represents our energy and how we use it, our vitality

from Proletariat Tarot

And so, in the centered aspect of the Nine of Wands, we’re approaching completion and take a moment to refresh our stamina. Amid the action of Wands, we rest — weary, but ready to persevere with resolve. This is the survivor; things may be busy or challenging, but it’s important to nourish ourselves in order to endure the final push or try again in anticipation of the challenge or change to come. Remain aware of your surroundings and protect the progress you’ve made, but take a break where you can before the last leg of this journey.

In resistance, we retreat or surrender. Overcome with fatigue or helplessness, we just can’t muster the inner fire.

In excess, we’re overprotective of our wands, perhaps stubbornly distrusting and hyper-vigilant. Paranoid that they will be taken away, we’re unable to relax, not letting our guard down, or clinging to them despite that they no longer serve our needs. In Smith-Waite, the bandage on his head indicates that he’s been through a battle. Was he headstrong and belligerent?

Questions we may be prompted to explore when this card comes up include

  • Is your inner critic telling you to throw in the towel? Whose voice is it? How do you respond?
  • Are you dealing with a battle that’s gone on too long? Are old wounds resurfacing? How can it be resolved?
  • Do you feel alone in this battle?
  • Where do you feel overprotective? What may happen if you let down your guard?
  • Are you in manic mode? Where can you take a rest and recenter?

What else? There are various aspects of this card and you may have different insight. How has it come up for you?

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