9 of Swords

question your demons

Nine finds us in a solitary moment to gather ourselves before completion + Swords represents the airy realm of thoughts and beliefs

from Art History Tarot for Past Lives

And so, in the centered aspect of the Nine of Swords, our thoughts persist in a sort of torment of the mind. We found ourselves trapped by our beliefs in the Eight, and without direct action, our anxiety may persist in insomnia and nightmares. We often ascribe fear and worry to the Swords because the mind can get lost in over-thinking — especially as the numbers ascend through the cycle and build; but the lesson here is that our dragons may be slayed by questioning them. Truly think about it. Defy your demons. This is an invitation to evolve in understanding our thoughts and how we deal with the mind’s creation of fear and worry; to turn on the light, look under the bed, and open the closet door to see that there are no demons residing there, after all.

In resistance, we deny its presence or refuse to face our fears. Seeing the card literally, we may have a hard time getting up.

In excess, we obsess over our anxiety, perhaps so much that we descend into self-pity as a security blanket.

Questions we may be prompted to ask when this card comes up include

  • How do you torment yourself? What part does shame play?
  • What does it serve to be in this fear? What part is activated and what is it protecting? How can we tend those parts?
  • Is this fear actually true? How do you know?
  • How are you managing your anxiety?

What else? This card brings up a lot in people; how has it come up in your readings? What insights have you found in exploring its meanings?

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