10 of Cups

take joy in what you have

Ten shows the fullness of the suit as we integrate its lessons in preparation for the next cycle + Cups represents our emotions and how we relate to others

from the New Orleans Voodoo Tarot

And so, in the centered aspect of the Ten of Cups, we’re invited to appreciate the contentment in our lives, accepting ourselves and others for what we are. There’s a sense of emotional fulfillment, here; yet we’re often so busy pushing forward that we neglect to take joy in what we have, and we’re reminded to be present for whatever that rainbow may be in your life.

This card also reminds us that sharing the wealth offers fulfillment. When we feel joy and contentment, allow it to spill over onto others.

In deficiency, we’re disillusioned by expectations of perfection, never satisfied and always searching for bigger and better.

In excess, we focus on the positive at the expense of recognizing valid feelings (emotional / spiritual bypassing).

Questions we may be prompted to ask when this card comes up include

  • How easily are you satisfied?
  • Do you have idealized expectations that are never met?
  • Are you always focusing on the positives in order to bury disappointment?

What else? This card seems simple but can offer more complex challenges, and you may have other insights. How has it come up for you?

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