10 of Wands

ask for help or delegate where you can

Ten shows us the full power of the suit as we prepare for a new cycle + Wands represent our energy and how we use it

from Sola Busca Revisited by Tarot by Seven

And so, in the centered aspect of the Ten of Wands, we find ourselves spent. Our determination shows, but we’ve reached the limit of what we can take on and it’s time to ask for help or to delegate some responsibilities. This is unsustainable and it’s time to level up. Perhaps you’ve amassed abundance and can share the wealth by bringing others in to help share the load.

In resistance, we refuse to accept help, struggling under the weight of our burdens but insisting on carrying it all ourselves; or the martyr with the “allow me to suffer the burden” demands for sympathy. Perhaps we’ve acquired an attitude of servitude, content to take on the demands (or baggage) of others.

In excess, we are the workaholic who thrives on being overcommitted, who gets a charge out of having all circuits firing. What is it that we’re actually trying to prove (or avoid)?

Questions we may be prompted to ask when this card comes up include

  • Where do you feel burdened? What or who is holding you down?
  • What do you continue to tolerate?
  • Do you have a hard time saying no? Does a part of you feel guilt? How can you establish better boundaries?
  • Do you feel that you are responsible for taking on all of the roles? Are you afraid to delegate? Why?
  • Are you preventing others their own success?
  • Does perfectionism play a role in your workload?
  • What is it time to purge?
  • Does overcommitting yourself allow you to avoid something else?

What else? This is a loaded card, and you may have other insights. How has it come up for you?

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