Knight of Wands: The Doer / Thrill-seeker

just do it

Knights take action + Wands represent the spark that drives our actions and our identities

from The Medieval Scapini Tarot

Where the Page was an eager and hopeful beginner, the Knight is more confident. Where the Page embarks on self-exploration or self-development, the Knight is now self-motivated as they direct this energy outward — and the Knight of Wands is motivated to act with the confidence of someone who is comfortable in their identity, the role(s) they’ve chosen for themselves and present to the world in their own style and with all the panache they choose. They are the pioneers; active, vigorous, impatient, passionate, competitive, daring, adventurous, and enthusiastic as they pursue adventure (be it creative or sexual or other), take risks, or compete with others. While those who apply esoteric systems to the cards and assign double elements to the courts usually correlate knights with air, I think that knights take action and the nature of fire is all about action. It’s hot, it’s moving. In this regard, the Knight of Wands is fire of fire. Just do it.

Looking to personality typing, ESTPs live in a world of action. Outgoing, blunt straight-shooters, they’re risk-takers who will plunge right in and get the job done (rules be damned — they are merely guidelines). They look at the facts, decide what to do, take the required action, and move on. Fast-moving fast-talkers, they’re usually a few steps ahead of the rest of us, making it up as they go. With a strong flair for drama and style (even flamboyant — which of course is rooted in the word flame), they love to have fun and are fun to be around. Because their focus is in getting things done, they need to keep moving and will avoid scenarios in which they are restricted or confined.

In resistance, they doubt their actions or feel shame in their identity, denying it or holding back from expressing themselves fully.

In excess, their risk-taking taken to extremes, they’re thrill-seekers drawn to reckless behaviors. (When throwing caution to the wind, keep in mind that air feeds fire!) They may take their showy nature to the extent of being a show-off, or exaggeration to the point of hysteria, out of fear that they’re not measuring up. What do they need to prove? And to whom?

Questions we may be prompted to ask when this card comes up include

  • Does fear or doubt hold you back from taking the action you truly desire?
  • Have you jumped the gun on something? Why did you feel compelled to move so fast?
  • What are you impatient about? Does this present as anger? What fear drives that?
  • Are you uncomfortable expressing the true you? How have you been wounded in doing so?
  • Do you tend to throw caution to the wind? How is that working out for you?

What else? There are many other questions we can ask. We all know a Knight of Wands — who is this person in your life or part in your psyche?

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