Page of Pentacles: The Apprentice / Lackey

explore your soul’s work with a hands-on approach

Pages explore, striving to understand their suit + Pentacles show us as spirits navigating the physical world

from Herbcrafter’s Tarot

The Page of Pentacles learns about the sensual world through a hands-on approach, bringing the ideas or plans in previous suits to form. Bored by the theoretical, they roll up their sleeves and develop skills in an apprenticeship or other manual learning or work opportunity which allows them to explore their soul’s Work and to feel more rooted in purpose. The speed of everything slows down in the Pentacles (quite an evolution from the sparky Wands!) as we learn to trust time and process, and this includes the qualities of being grounded, practical, steadfast, patient, and loyal.

In resistance, they lack the drive to plan for their future and take the real-world steps to manifest it, perhaps becoming servile, complacent in doing the work of others in a subservient manner, or pursuing the work that someone else wants for him.

In excess, they push their ambitions to riskier behaviors (such as gambling).

Questions we may be prompted to consider when this Page comes up include

  • Is there a skill you’d like to learn but haven’t? What holds you back?
  • Are you subserviently taking on the work of others? Do you resent it?
  • Are you comfortable in your body? Do you ignore your body’s needs? Why?
  • Conversely, do you work out excessively?
  • Do you deny yourself sensual pleasure? Does this stem from shame and where does that come from?
  • Do you seek the thrill of physical danger or risking material instability? What part(s) do you think drives that behavior?

What else? There are so many ways to interpret the Pages, and you may have other wisdom. How has it come up for you?

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