Page of Swords: The Thinker / Follower

explore new info to find your own truths

Pages strive to understand + Swords relate to the conscious rational mind and the expression of its belief systems

from Touchstone Tarot

The precocious student content to live inside their own heads contemplating new theories, beliefs, questions, concepts, they’re inquisitive and articulate with a restless mind and a bit to say; but before we can speak our truth, we must know our truth. They differ from the Pages of Wands and Cups in that they’re more serious. The fiery Page of Wands explores his inner spark with an energetic joie de vivre and the watery/dreamy Page of Cups is off frolicking with faeries while the Page of Swords is reading and ruminating. Their airy energy is quick-witted but often unconcerned with social cues or popularity contests, and may appear socially detached.

In resistance, they’re closed-minded. Lacking interest in exploring new ideas and discerning truths, they’re content to believe what they’re told.

Too lazy to compose their own words, they plagiarize those of others.

In excess, they’re absent-minded, so focused in their own thoughts that they’re oblivious to their environment, and real-world responsibilities go unheeded.

Questions we may be prompted to consider when this Page appears include

  • Do you find yourself doing more talking or more listening?
  • Are you often so focused in your own head that the outside world goes unnoticed?
  • Do you adhere tightly to your beliefs without actually thinking about them objectively?
  • When others question you, can you back it up with facts or do you get defensive and dig in your heels?

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