Page of Cups: The Dreamer / Puer

explore the inner and unseen realms with a playful heart

Pages strive to understand + Cups deal with our inner realms and how we relate to others

from the Hirajeta Tarot

Where the Page of Wands explores their passions, the Page of Cups explores their inner realms. They are reflecting, dreaming, imagining, curious about their own emotional capacity, unconscious depths, or esoteric topics. They are innocent, playful, and trusting. Creative, they’re fond of books, art, and music — and the ethereal places their imagination can take them. They go with the flow, easygoing and lighthearted, and make friends easily (and are the most likely to talk with animals and befriend faeries). Prone to sensitivity, they feel vulnerable and avoid any sort of discord or conflict.

This page corresponds perfectly to the INFP, and I haven’t seen a system of corresponding the types to tarot courts that doesn’t assign it here. INFPs are idealists and dreamers, curious, and loyal. They seek to understand others but can be less accepting of those who threaten their core values. Their primary goal is to find their meaning in life; how they can best serve humanity. As both idealists and perfectionists, they can be hard on themselves in their pursuit of the goals that they’ve identified for themselves. Considerate of others, they will go to great lengths to avoid conflict but when faced with it, will approach it from the perspective of their feelings rather than who is right and wrong; and they intuitively understand others’ perspectives and feelings, and genuinely want to help them. They’re flexible until one of their values is violated, and they may become aggressive defenders. As perfectionists with high standards, they can be very hard on themselves. INFPs who can’t balance their high ideals with the requirements of daily life will never be happy with themselves, and may become paralyzed about what to do with their lives.*

In resistance, they fear vulnerability and rejection. Riddled with self-doubt or illusion, they’re too insecure to act on their dreams and unwilling to take risks in matters of the heart.

In excess, they are slow to mature and leave their safe little worlds; perhaps the puer, refusing to grow up and accept the responsibilities of life.

Questions we may be prompted to ask when this card comes up include

  • Do relationships frighten you due to a fear of being hurt?
  • Do you withdraw into fantasy in order to escape the stresses of life?
  • Have you abandoned a rich inner life because you were told it wasn’t real?

What else? This is a complex card and your insight may differ. How has it come up for you?

* from

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