Page of Wands: The Explorer / Dilettante

explore your inner fire

Pages strive to understand + Wands as the inner fire that sparks our actions and identities

from Tarot of the Holy Light

Pages are not outwardly focused but turn their attention toward their (suited) interest, and the Page of Wands examines his wand as if asking where it can take him. In the centered aspect of the card, we are curious, eager, energetic, creative, hopeful, intrigued, inspired, uninhibited, embarking on a new path, exploring a budding interest, pursuing adventure. It shows a quickening of spirit, a joie de vivre. We don’t need to take life so seriously. This is self-growth through following our inner spark.

If we borrow from personality typing, the ISTP is adaptable and spontaneous, busy and adventuresome, and therefore easily bored. Creative doers, they’re often risk-takers, thriving on variety and new experiences. They live in the present and are the independent sort, wary of structure and commitment. They need to do their own thing.

The Tarot of the Holy Light (pictured) depicts the Page of Wands as the Light Bringer and assigns it the Spring Equinox, welcoming longer days. The Light Bringer is unique and highly individuated; not one to copy but instead more Bohemian and independent, perhaps non-conformist. His specialty is finding simple solutions to complex problems.

In resistance, we have no interest in trying new things or identities. Held back by fear of failure or shame or societal expectations, we resist exploring our interest or making a fresh start.

In excess, we are always sampling, never committing. This is the jack of all trades, master of none. There may be a chameleon-like quality, quick to change for each new setting. We may be unpredictable or indiscrimate in our actions or projects. Here, we’re reminded that the H in ADHD may be either hyperfocus or hyperactivity.

Questions we may be prompted to explore when this card comes up include

  • What interest keeps calling you? Why haven’t you answered it?
  • Is there a role you want to step into or try on? What prevents you?
  • Does a fear of failure play a key role in how you express yourself?
  • Have you ever been ridiculed or shamed into abandoning something that inspired you?
  • What did you love to do as a kid but no longer make the time for? Why not?

What else? There are many ways to interpret courts and your insights may differ. What famous or fictional character does this remind you of? How has this card come up for you?

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