Page of Pentacles: The Apprentice / Lackey

explore your soul’s work with a hands-on approach

Pages explore, striving to understand their suit + Pentacles show us as spirits navigating the physical world

from Herbcrafter’s Tarot

The Page of Pentacles learns about the sensual world through a hands-on approach, bringing the ideas or plans in previous suits to form. Bored by the theoretical, they roll up their sleeves and develop skills in an apprenticeship or other manual learning or work opportunity which allows them to explore their soul’s Work and to feel more rooted in purpose. The speed of everything slows down in the Pentacles (quite an evolution from the sparky Wands!) as we learn to trust time and process, and this includes the qualities of being grounded, practical, steadfast, patient, and loyal.

In resistance, they lack the drive to plan for their future and take the real-world steps to manifest it, perhaps becoming servile, complacent in doing the work of others in a subservient manner, or pursuing the work that someone else wants for him.

In excess, they push their ambitions to riskier behaviors (such as gambling).

Questions we may be prompted to consider when this Page comes up include

  • Is there a skill you’d like to learn but haven’t? What holds you back?
  • Are you subserviently taking on the work of others? Do you resent it?
  • Are you comfortable in your body? Do you ignore your body’s needs? Why?
  • Conversely, do you work out excessively?
  • Do you deny yourself sensual pleasure? Does this stem from shame and where does that come from?
  • Do you seek the thrill of physical danger or risking material instability? What part(s) do you think drives that behavior?

What else? There are so many ways to interpret the Pages, and you may have other wisdom. How has it come up for you?

Page of Swords: The Thinker / Follower

explore new info to find your own truths

Pages strive to understand + Swords relate to the conscious rational mind and the expression of its belief systems

from Touchstone Tarot

The precocious student content to live inside their own heads contemplating new theories, beliefs, questions, concepts, they’re inquisitive and articulate with a restless mind and a bit to say; but before we can speak our truth, we must know our truth. They differ from the Pages of Wands and Cups in that they’re more serious. The fiery Page of Wands explores his inner spark with an energetic joie de vivre and the watery/dreamy Page of Cups is off frolicking with faeries while the Page of Swords is reading and ruminating. Their airy energy is quick-witted but often unconcerned with social cues or popularity contests, and may appear socially detached.

In resistance, they’re closed-minded. Lacking interest in exploring new ideas and discerning truths, they’re content to believe what they’re told.

Too lazy to compose their own words, they plagiarize those of others.

In excess, they’re absent-minded, so focused in their own thoughts that they’re oblivious to their environment, and real-world responsibilities go unheeded.

Questions we may be prompted to consider when this Page appears include

  • Do you find yourself doing more talking or more listening?
  • Are you often so focused in your own head that the outside world goes unnoticed?
  • Do you adhere tightly to your beliefs without actually thinking about them objectively?
  • When others question you, can you back it up with facts or do you get defensive and dig in your heels?

Page of Cups: The Dreamer / Puer

explore the inner and unseen realms with a playful heart

Pages strive to understand + Cups deal with our inner realms and how we relate to others

from the Hirajeta Tarot

Where the Page of Wands explores their passions, the Page of Cups explores their inner realms. They are reflecting, dreaming, imagining, curious about their own emotional capacity, unconscious depths, or esoteric topics. They are innocent, playful, and trusting. Creative, they’re fond of books, art, and music — and the ethereal places their imagination can take them. They go with the flow, easygoing and lighthearted, and make friends easily (and are the most likely to talk with animals and befriend faeries). Prone to sensitivity, they feel vulnerable and avoid any sort of discord or conflict.

This page corresponds perfectly to the INFP, and I haven’t seen a system of corresponding the types to tarot courts that doesn’t assign it here. INFPs are idealists and dreamers, curious, and loyal. They seek to understand others but can be less accepting of those who threaten their core values. Their primary goal is to find their meaning in life; how they can best serve humanity. As both idealists and perfectionists, they can be hard on themselves in their pursuit of the goals that they’ve identified for themselves. Considerate of others, they will go to great lengths to avoid conflict but when faced with it, will approach it from the perspective of their feelings rather than who is right and wrong; and they intuitively understand others’ perspectives and feelings, and genuinely want to help them. They’re flexible until one of their values is violated, and they may become aggressive defenders. As perfectionists with high standards, they can be very hard on themselves. INFPs who can’t balance their high ideals with the requirements of daily life will never be happy with themselves, and may become paralyzed about what to do with their lives.*

In resistance, they fear vulnerability and rejection. Riddled with self-doubt or illusion, they’re too insecure to act on their dreams and unwilling to take risks in matters of the heart.

In excess, they are slow to mature and leave their safe little worlds; perhaps the puer, refusing to grow up and accept the responsibilities of life.

Questions we may be prompted to ask when this card comes up include

  • Do relationships frighten you due to a fear of being hurt?
  • Do you withdraw into fantasy in order to escape the stresses of life?
  • Have you abandoned a rich inner life because you were told it wasn’t real?

What else? This is a complex card and your insight may differ. How has it come up for you?

* from

Page of Wands: The Explorer / Dilettante

explore your inner fire

Pages strive to understand + Wands as the inner fire that sparks our actions and identities

from Tarot of the Holy Light

Pages are not outwardly focused but turn their attention toward their (suited) interest, and the Page of Wands examines his wand as if asking where it can take him. In the centered aspect of the card, we are curious, eager, energetic, creative, hopeful, intrigued, inspired, uninhibited, embarking on a new path, exploring a budding interest, pursuing adventure. It shows a quickening of spirit, a joie de vivre. We don’t need to take life so seriously. This is self-growth through following our inner spark.

If we borrow from personality typing, the ISTP is adaptable and spontaneous, busy and adventuresome, and therefore easily bored. Creative doers, they’re often risk-takers, thriving on variety and new experiences. They live in the present and are the independent sort, wary of structure and commitment. They need to do their own thing.

The Tarot of the Holy Light (pictured) depicts the Page of Wands as the Light Bringer and assigns it the Spring Equinox, welcoming longer days. The Light Bringer is unique and highly individuated; not one to copy but instead more Bohemian and independent, perhaps non-conformist. His specialty is finding simple solutions to complex problems.

In resistance, we have no interest in trying new things or identities. Held back by fear of failure or shame or societal expectations, we resist exploring our interest or making a fresh start.

In excess, we are always sampling, never committing. This is the jack of all trades, master of none. There may be a chameleon-like quality, quick to change for each new setting. We may be unpredictable or indiscrimate in our actions or projects. Here, we’re reminded that the H in ADHD may be either hyperfocus or hyperactivity.

Questions we may be prompted to explore when this card comes up include

  • What interest keeps calling you? Why haven’t you answered it?
  • Is there a role you want to step into or try on? What prevents you?
  • Does a fear of failure play a key role in how you express yourself?
  • Have you ever been ridiculed or shamed into abandoning something that inspired you?
  • What did you love to do as a kid but no longer make the time for? Why not?

What else? There are many ways to interpret courts and your insights may differ. What famous or fictional character does this remind you of? How has this card come up for you?